What does Subscribed, Unsubscribed and Invited to a farm mean?

This article covers the statuses of unsubscribed, subscribed and invited farms

-Within FarmLab there are 3 different statuses that a farm be in on the dashboard.

As per the example above, they are Subscribed, Unsubscribed and Invited

Subscribed Farms:

A Subscribed Farm means that someone with an active account and subscription is sponsoring access to this farm. This subscription allows the farm owner and any invited individuals to access and utilize the data associated with this particular farm. By having an active account and subscription, the sponsor gains the ability to monitor and manage the farm's data, while also granting access to other authorised users. 

Unsubscribed Farms: 

An Unsubscribed or "dormant" Farm is one where it doesn't have an active subscription supporting the farm. This means that the farm owner or any invited individuals will not be able to access and utilize the data associated with this particular farm. However, it's important to note that all the data is still securely stored against the farm, ensuring that it is readily available when needed in the future. While the farm remains in an unsubscribed state, no one can access or make changes to the data stored within it. This allows for the preservation of historical information and ensures that the farm's data remains intact until a subscription is reactivated or a need arises to access the data again.

Invited Farms

An Invited Farm is where the user has been invited to another members farm to view or interact with the data. There are two levels of access, Admin or Read Only that can be associated with an Invited Farm. Further information on this can be found under the Farm Invite Knowledge Base article.