Submitting Samples with the FarmLab Sample Hub

How to submit your samples to our partner labs via the sample hub.

To submit your samples to one of our partner labs, follow these steps:

1. Accessing the Sample Hub:

    • Option 1: From the dashboard screen, click on the Sample Hub icon.
    • Option 2: From your farm, select "Submit Samples" from the sample collection menu.

    2. Creating a Batch:

    • Click on "Create Batch for Submission."

3. Adding Samples to the Batch:
    • Click on "Add Samples" to select the samples you want to submit.

    • You can use the filter options to organize your samples.
    • Note: You can only submit 1 sample barcode per batch.
    • Select the appropriate barcodes and click "Add Samples" at the bottom of your screen.

    4. Choosing the Lab and Test Codes:

    • Select your preferred lab from the options provided.
    • Choose one or multiple test codes for analysis.

5. Adding the Batch to Your Cart:

    • Once you have selected the lab and test codes, add the batch to your cart.
    • You can choose to create a new batch or proceed to the checkout screen.
    • Through the sample hub, you can submit multiple batches to multiple labs simultaneously.

6. Reviewing and Checking Out:

    • Review the sample batches in your cart.
    • Click on your cart and select "Checkout" to proceed.

7. Billing Information:

    • If you are associated with multiple FarmLab accounts, choose your billing account.
    • Add a purchase order number if necessary.

8. Making Amendments (if required):

    • After clicking "Checkout," if there are any issues with your submission, you can go back to your cart.
    • Select the batch you wish to modify and make the necessary changes.
    • Remember to select "Update Batch in Cart" before returning to the checkout screen.

9. Submission Confirmation:

    • Once your submission is successful, you can download the submission form.
    • Print the form and send it along with your physical soil samples.
    • You can also download and view the generated invoice.

Happy Sampling!