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Updating Actual Sample Point Locations

Need to update your point locations in FarmLab whilst retaining photos and other metadata? Follow the steps below.

Updating the actual point location may be required when GPS coordinates were not able to be updated in field or when using an external GPS system. This process saves removing and reimporting all sample points, and ensure you don't lose any metadata such as photos or records when you do so.

To do so, using the below template, simply name the point in the spreadsheet using the EXACT same name as the point in FarmLab. One trick here is to export your sample points from FarmLab, and copy the names from the exported template to ensure all names match exactly. 

The point name in farmlab should be recorded as the column 'SampleID' in the attached spreadsheet:


The template also includes the ‘soil core diameter [cm]’ and which can be filled out or left blank in order to update the core diameter if required.

Once you've updated the above spreadsheet with the point names, lat/lon and any other point information, follow the below steps to update sample point locations in FarmLab:

1. Login to your FarmLab account and select the farm to update

2. Select the Point tab 

3. Making sure the point name is matching and correct, select the + button in the Points tab

4. Click 'Update Point Locations'

5. Browse for the CSV template with the updated data and this will automatically run after selected.

Once uploaded successfully the Planned and Point Position in the point details will be updated. The original 'Planned Point Position' will not changed, and can be used for auditing offsets and to revert to if needed (if you need to revert to the original position, please contact support@farmlab.com.au).

Please note the coordinates are displayed in Decimal degrees. This expresses longitude and latitude in decimal fractions of degrees: