Navigating the Farm Dashboard

The farm dashboard has been developed to help you transparently manage your operation with FarmLab. There are a few key terms you’ll need to know about:

  • Subscribed farms. These are farms that count towards your subscription (or cost $25 per month if you exceed your subscription). You can use these farms for processing data, drawing or adding boundaries and sharing with clients.

  • Unsubscribed farms. These are free farms that don’t contribute to your subscription. You can freely collect and submit samples with these farms, and view the results, but you won’t be able to process any data, or draw boundaries. If you downgrade from a subscribed farm however, you will still be able to access/view any of the data layers you’ve processed.

  • Invited farms. These are farms owned by someone else, that you have been invited to. You can still run processing on these farms, depending on whether or not the farm is subscribed or unsubscribed.