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Importing samples and points to be used in the Australian Clean Energy Regulator Carbon Calculator

If you have soil test results for a soil carbon project collected and processed externally from FarmLab, you can import them using the following process.

  1. Download and complete the ‘Points-2021’ template with point names and corresponding lat/long (or northings/eastings if the user has it). Include any additional required info (core diameter etc).
  2. Download and complete the ‘Samples-2021’ template with results, ensuring the first part before the ‘-‘ in the name and sample id correspond to the point name (this is what will be used to match the location with the results). E.g. The sample results OCT001-L1 will be matched to Point OCT001 in the point spreadsheet, and so on.
  3. Once locations are loaded, the user can import the attached spreadsheet using the ‘Import Sample Points’ button in the points menu:
    Pic 1
  4. The user can then import the Samples spreadsheet via the ‘Upload CER Results’ option in the results menu:  
    Pic 2
  5. Results will now be formatted to allow them to work in the CER calculations.