How to set up a paddock in FarmLab

1. Once you have created or been invited to a farm (Administration access is required) navigate yourself to the farms location within Australia.  (Please see steps to creating a new farm in link: or seek steps on gaining a farm invite at:

2. Click on the 'Draw new boundary' button

3. Zoom in to the paddock boundary you want to draw

4. Using the pointing curser simply click on the map to draw the outline of your boundary

5. Once complete name your paddock boundary and select 'Save'

If you have paddocks with multiple areas that do not join please follow the following steps:

1. Repeat step 4 then select 'Add new polygon' 

2. Draw the additional paddock areas, follow step 5, name your paddock boundary and select 'Save'

If you need to exclude buildings, dams, parcels of trees that fall within your paddock follow the following steps:

1. Follow step 4 and draw your paddock boundary

2. To apply an Exclusion area simply click on the 'Add exclusion area' button

3. After selecting an Add Exclusion Area click in the middle of your polygon (paddock), this will automatically exclude a editable square

4. 'Grab' the yellow marker and maneuver it in place to the object you want to exclude. Using the cross curser continue to draw the exclusion area.

5.  Once complete click on the outlying markers, making them turn yellow and select delete on your keyboard

6. Follow step 5 in naming the paddock boundary and select 'Save'